About Us

About our team - Becky and Lana

Mahlia Interiors is made up of a duo team, with an obsession over bone and mother of pearl inlay. This love is passed down from our parents, and the unique bone inlay pieces are slowly but surely taking over our own homes.

About our Bone Inlay

Mahlia Interiors was founded on a shared passion of unique interiors and making statements. Our team are inspired by story-telling through intricate design, and how each and every bone inlay piece showcases a beauty and exceptional elegance that is unmatched.

Our products are sourced from a stunning region in India, Rajasthan, where they have been individually handcrafted, so that their intricate details can transform your home into a palace. Whether it is with a large timeless chest of drawers in your entrance way, a smaller tranquil mirror at the end of a walkway, or a matching set of bedside tables, Mahlia products can to enjoyed and admired everyday. 

This unique collection has been carefully selected to bring you the best in design and quality, however if there is a style or colour not listed on our site, we can custom order it for you. Our goal is to inspire you to create the beautiful home you want and deserve, and we offer you the perfect items to do so.

Mahlia Interiors is based in Melbourne, and our online store ships Australia-wide.