About Us

Becky, Lana and Bone Inlay: A Love Story

There’s a raw, mystic beauty in each piece of bone. In its imperfections. In its boundless potential. In its life before and its journey to now. Each piece of carefully carved bone is hand-set by a master fair-trade artisan, beginning its new life as an exquisite functional artwork. There’s an undeniable poetry to each piece of bone inlay furniture – a raw beauty and irresistible intrigue. It’s this that drew us together to create Mahlia Interiors.
– Becky and Lana (based in Melbourne, Australia)

The Mahlia method

You have inlay on the mind. We hear you. You reach out with your idea, and naturally, we love it. We blend your idea with plenty of our passion and know-how, working closely with you to bring your vision to life. Giving careful consideration to your space, aesthetic and lifestyle, we map out the form, colour, shape and size of your bone or mother of pearl inlay piece. You dream it – we’ll do it. Together, we’ll make inlay magic.

Ethically sourced, meticulously crafted.

Straight off the bat, sourcing high-quality ethical bone inlay has been our focus. All Mahlia Interiors pieces are 100% certified ethical by India’s governing wildlife body. And that won’t ever change.

We work closely with our team of fair-trade artisans located in India’s Rajasthan region. The northern swathe of India is renowned for its rich colours, vibrant festivals and mesmerising architecture. The forts and palaces of Rajasthan can be seen in the geometry and striking shades of every Mahlia piece – in each unique bit of bone with its own subtle battle scars, the true mark of handmade.