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Follow Us For The Day On A Product Photoshoot!

Follow Us For The Day On A Product Photoshoot!

There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation work that goes into a photoshoot, so we thought we would take you on the journey for the day.

We sourced the services of photographer Hannah at Twinewood Studio, secured a location at a newly renovated stunning Brighton home and then got working on  the concepts and sourcing props that would showcase our products in their best light. We create documentation of every product we are photographing and the type of photograph we hope to achieve. We create a run sheet for the day of pickups and drop offs to ensure the day runs smoothly and everyone is across what they need to be doing as time goes very quickly on the day and there is a-lot of work to get through.

Once we have created the concepts for the photographs and products, we go about sourcing the props needed to make the images happen. For this photoshoot, we sourced some stunning art and vessels from House of Orange in Armadale, and the gorgeous team at Kiss with Style in Ashburton also kindly loaned us various vessels and sculptures to play with.

Taking some images of the art while in store at House of Orange.

L - Abstract Painting Mustard/Nude R - Abstract Painting Olive/Nude

Some existing images of the house in our concept document so we have an idea of the aesthetic, existing furniture pieces they have in the house for us to use, props, and an idea of the different surfaces and lighting available.


The image above is a bedroom concept incorporating the linen tones, House of Orange artwork and various vessels we are playing around with. The below photograph is how the planned image eventuated. We didn't use the artwork as the bed head was larger than we thought, and we opted for more Autumn tones from a styling perspective on the stunning mother of pearl bedside table in white. 

Above - Mother of Pearl Floral Bedside Table 2- Drawers, White

Concepts are a great tool for having a general idea of the photographs you need to take and the props you have to use, however it is very rare that the finished photograph is the same as the concept. The reasons for this can vary including the space isn’t exactly as expected for example the bedhead may be larger, or the space may be smaller than the images portray. The frame of the image that the photographer takes may need to be different than what we planned for, for example the photograph might be a tighter shot than anticipated so we don’t need to use as many props etc. Creating concepts for photoshoots and having a run sheet is crucial as it ensures we are taking the images we need, and every one has an idea of what belongs where in keeping things moving on the day.



L - Bone Inlay Coffee Table, Teal and Brass. R - Bone Inlay Stripe Side Table, White

Some of the professional images above by the ever so talented Twinewood Studio. It’s so important that our pieces are captured in their best light and portrayed correctly so our customers can see how they look in a variety of settings and aesthetics. We take great care when deciding on the pieces to design and showcase to our lovely customers. 

The photoshoot day is quite long itself, and it involves picking up fresh flowers and foliage in the morning, the coordination of the couriers with our pieces to the photoshoot location, carrying the pieces around the location and of course the unpack and pack up of all of the accessories, linen and various other props we are using. It takes a village, however the images we have at the end of it to use on our various social channels and website are crucial for our customers and our brand.

Photoshoots are very similar to sourcing and deciding on the best pieces for a customer's home. I take into consideration the aesthetic, existing pieces of furniture or art that they have and any restrictions for adding new pieces. For example, does the piece need to be a specific measurement, or do we need to take into mind cupboards that open etc. I need to make sure that all of the pieces work cohesively and the colours and style of the pieces flow and work throughout the entire home. When deciding on pieces to take on our recent photoshoot, it is very much the same thing as deciding on pieces for a customer's home. In this instance, I  needed pieces that were classic yet contemporary to pair well with a new renovation, so I added a few pops of colour to work with the existing pieces in the living/lounge room. The sage coffee table complemented the existing artwork they have, it worked nicely with the sage kitchen and the coffee table added a different texture to work alongside the very minimal aesthetic of the existing pieces. The pop of colour was the perfect addition to the space. We work with a variety of brands we love, so part of my job is to not only help with choosing your perfect inlay piece, but helping by recommending some brands we love to add the finishing touches, be it art, vases, books etc! At Mahlia we now offer a complementary styling service when you choose your dream piece of inlay. This is a service we have had in the pipeline for a long time and we are now so pleased to be able to offer this to our customers. 


Above - Bone Inlay Geometric 6-Drawers, Light Grey

L- Bone Inaly Bedside Table 3-Drawers, Blue. R - Bone Inlay Arch Side Table, Blue - Grey 

I look forward to working with you all soon X Jess - Stylist

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